Mitchell Orchant and our sales team will be pleased to answer any questions by email [email protected] or phone 020 7372 1865. We strongly advise prospective bidders to contact us with any questions and queries before the auction as when a bid is successful a binding contract is formed. 

Please Note: All bidders must be over the age of 18. It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18.

(FAQs also available in Mandarin click here and Cantonese click here)

Q. Can I come and inspect the lots?

A. Where Lots are available for inspection at our London Offices prospective purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the condition and description of the cigars. Where they are not available for inspection it will be noted within the product description. We are delighted to provide condition reports if you are unable to inspect Lots, simply email us the Lot numbers and we will report thoroughly. All lots are sold on a 'buyer beware /caveat emptor' basis and by bidding you are confirming you understand accept this.

Q. Are there any listing fees?

A. There are no listing fees.

Q. When are the last entries taken?

A. Entries will be considered until a week before the sale subject to online catalogue not having closed

Q. How much are sellers charged?

A. Sellers are charged 15% of the hammer price (plus VAT as applicable) on a Lot being sold successfully.

Q. How much are buyers charged?

A. Buyers are charged 18% of the hammer price (plus VAT as applicable) on a Lot being purchased successfully. This is discounted to 15% for bank wire transfer payment.

Q. Do buyers and sellers pay 20% VAT on lots?

A. Only on indicated lots which are collected from our London offices or shipped within the UK.

Q. Do buyers and sellers pay 20% VAT on premiums?

A. VAT is an applicable UK tax on both buyers and sellers premiums regardless of where the Lot is shipped to. Buyers and sellers premiums are classed as a service by HMRC and can never be zero rated.

Q. What type of identification do new sellers need to provide?

A. New auction sellers may be asked to provide copy of passport or similar identification.

Q. When do sellers receive payment?

A. Payments are made within 28 days after the end of the auction. Please ensure that you forward us your full bank wire details (BIC and IBAN) there is a £20 charge for wire transfers. Please note that we are able to send International payments in any currency except for US Dollars and we are unable to pay any account in the USA.

Q. When must buyers settle?

A. Buyers must settle within 48 hours of auction ending and receiving our invoice by bank wire transfer, by credit card (we offer a discounted rate for bank wire transfer) or debit card. Please ensure that you check with us before bidding that your credit card type is acceptable to us. We do not accept PayPal for any tobacco transactions.

Please note this is an auction for mature investors and serious collectors and cigar smokers. If you do not have the means to pay - do NOT bid.

Q. What currency is used for the Auction?

A. Pounds Sterling (GBP).

Q. Can I attend the auction?

A. No, this is an online auction only.

Q. Are all online bids final?

A. We do our best to honour all bids submitted online, however there may be circumstances where an equal bid from the live auction room will take priority. Time delays in receiving online bids may also cause bids to be rejected in favour of room bids. Your bid could also be rejected if it is submitted after the hammer has fallen.

Q. What happens with email or online bids?

A. If you are unable to bid online we will accept email bids. Bids by will be entered online for buyers ,if your bid is the highest you will win the Lot. As an example: If you bid maximum £400 on a Lot but the highest bid at the auction is £300, you will win the Lot at the next increment of £320.

Please note that if we receive two identical bids we will only be able to enter the first bid received.

Q. What happens when the lot is sold?

A. The auction Lot will be sold at the time the online auction ends, at which time a binding contract between buyer and seller is completed.

Q. Can I bid over the phone?

A. We will not accept phone bids.

Q. Do the lots have a reserve price?

A. All Lots will be subject to a “reserve price” below which the Lot will not be sold.

We also reserve the right to cancel bids and bidder accounts where we believe bids have been entered fraudulently or without prior credit approval. 

Q. Shipping?

A. We are able to provide a packing and shipping service if required. Please ensure that you enquire about specific shipping charges to your location and check that the Lots you wish to bid on are available for shipping to your country prior to bidding. You may be liable to local duties and taxes, this is entirely at buyers responsibility and you should only bid on that clear understanding and acceptance.

We endeavour to ship as soon as is practically possible however we will notify you if there are to be any delays. Buyers can give specific packing or shipping instructions and we will be happy to assist. We must point out that any delays or duties due at the shipping destination are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Q. Can I have my cigars stored?

A. We are happy to store on buyers behalf at a reasonable additional charge.

Q. What about sealed boxes?

A. Where we are offering sealed boxes these are sold as seen. Many collectors prefer sealed boxes but there is always a possibility that the successful bidder will open the box and find the cigars in bad condition. Buyer beware before bidding! 

Q. Not available for shipping in the UK

A. Please note that certain Lots are marked 'Not available for shipping to the UK' There are no exceptions, these Lots cannot be imported to the UK and we are unable to assist with importation. Please take care on bidding as the sale is final when the times auction ends.

Q. UK Health Warnings

A. Any cigars purchased for delivery in the UK regardless of age will have UK health warnings on the back and the front of the box. 

Q. Do new bidders need pre-approval?

A. Yes. New bidders should ensure they contact us for credit approval prior to bidding. Identity proof will be required and a pre-payment may be required. Email us at [email protected]

Q. Non-payment/late payment

A. Payments by buyers are due within 48 hours of invoice being raised. In the event of non-payment after 7 days we reserve the right to cancel the sale and resell the cigars with any shortfall being due by the original buyer. We will pursue non-payments through the relevant legal channels as an auction contract is binding. We are unable to extend payment terms to any bidder under any circumstances

Q. I live in the USA, can you ship cigars to me?

A. Unfortunately we cannot ship to the USA.

Disclaimer: Whilst we make every effort to have a smooth running and efficient online auction platform, there is always the remote possibility that technology will let us down! It's very unlikely but it can happen. In the event of any technical breakdown issue such as a bid not being received or entered unfortunately we will not be held responsible.

We advise successful bidders to arrange to collect their Lots as soon as possible after the auction ends. Whilst we are happy to make shipping arrangements for clients as may be required again it's always possible that mail or courier services have service failures. We will not be held responsible. Bidders should be aware that shipping loss, delay or duties at destination are at the sole responsibility of the buyer.