Charity Auction - Saint Luis Rey Herfing

The first cigar box that reached the top of Everest
Proceeds will go towards a children’s charity in Cuba

  • The Saint Luis Rey Herfing box No. 8 (Regional for the Middle East) was specifically chosen, to represent "Luck" in the Chinese culture, in reference to the 8,848 m peak of Everest, and the 40th Anniversary of Phoenicia Trading, one of Habanos SA’s largest distributors, which will be celebrated during a cigar gala event on the 8th of November 2019.

    The winner will also receive an exclusive invitation to the exclusive cigar gala event where the announcement of the winner and delivery of the box will be held. Mr. Yevgen Staroselkiy, the Ukrainian-Cypriot climber who carried the box and scaled the North Col route to the top, will also be present to honourably deliver the box personally.
  • A Herfing journey to the top of Everest: April - May 2019

    • The journey lasted from April to May 2019, starting in Limassol – Cyprus, with the box crossing the world to find itself from Havana to Tibet:
    • 25.04.2019 - Base Camp / 5,200 m
    • 02.05.2019 - ABC Camp / 6,400 m
    • 21.05.2019 - Side off the North Col / 7,000 m
    • 22.05.2019 - North Col Camp / 7,800 m
    • 23.05.2019 - North Col Camp / 8,300 m
    • 24.05.2019 - Top of Everest / 8,848 m